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Top 9 Benefits Of Peruvian Highland & Merino Wool

Peruvian Highland & Merino Wools are famous for their softness, naturally strong and beautiful fibers. It is regularly used in making of the handmade wool shawls, wool scarves, wool socks and wool ponchos as well as wool capes. These products are always used in high end fashion, and they are focused on being hand knit from the finest Peruvian Highland wool or Merino wool. The reasons for rarely dying these yarns are simple; the men’s and women’s clothing that is hand knit from their yarn will outlive most of us, and will still look completely new and exquisite. Peruvian Highland wool and Merino wool are truly the wonders that modern fabric must compete with. Here are just nine of the...

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Did You Know There Are Two Main Types Of Alpaca?

There are two alpaca breeds from which two different types of fiber are extracted:Huacaya and Suri The Huacaya breed provides a thin, opaque, curly and fluffy fiber 4 to 6 inches long. Similar to sheep wool. It is the most abundant breed, constituting 93% of the total population of alpacas in Peru. In our photo, the Huacaya is beige and white.The Suri breed; which is a shiny, glossy, limp, silky, cashmere-like fiber with the shine of silk, provides fibers 6 to 8 inches in length. This type of alpaca provide up to 22 different natural shades. In this picture, our friend Suri is brown.

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Why Choose Terra Blossom?

At Terra Blossom, we carry exclusive products you will not find in your local stores. We have sourced special clothing and accessories made with real alpaca fiber. Often which are made almost entirely by hand. Many of our alpaca clothing products are made using artisanal techniques, and ancestral tools such as hand spun yarns and loom weaving. It doesn't get anymore special than that. At Terra Blossom, our commitment is to continue and provide you with the most remarkable products you will ever own. Finally. You will own truly unique items, that all of your friends envy! Buy Terra Blossom   Check out our beautiful mens and womens scarves for a quick way to dress up any outfit!

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