How To Clean Your Alpaca Clothing

Products made of alpaca yarn or alpaca wool are made with a natural fiber that is extracted from the coat of the mammal of the same name.

Alpaca fiber is appreciated for its longer, brighter, silkier and higher flexibility than other natural wool species. That’s why it is called the “Fiber Of The Gods”

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Although cleaning products made with alpaca fibers can be a very arduous work, it doesn’t have to be!

Sure many imagine that it is necessary to take it to the dry cleaner so as not to ruin it, but in fact its cleaning alpaca fibers are simpler than you think.

Why? Because products made with alpaca yarns and fibers are resistant to water.


How To Properly Clean Your Alpaca Clothing And Other Garments Made With Alpaca Fibers

  • The first thing you should know is that alpaca fibers and yarns should be cleaned in cold water (25℃ or 85º F Maximum), and washed by hand.

  • Take special care not to overly squeeze the garment, and never wring it out.

  • You should use baby shampoo or some other natural shampoo to clean delicate clothes such as those made with alpaca yarns and wools.

  • When preparing to wash alpaca clothing, place a little shampoo on the water to form foam. Never place cleaning agents directly on the garment.

  • Soak your alpaca clothing garment between 3 or 4 minutes in the soapy water. You must rub the garment gently, just enough to loosen the dirt.

  • To rinse, repeat the same actions using clean, cold water.

  • Never use bleach! The color and quality of the alpaca fiber will be ruined.

  • Never dry your alpaca clothing by exposing it directly to the sun or in a machine dryer.

  • You should dry it spread horizontally, in a towel, rolling it as if it were a sushi roll. By drying in this way, the excess water will be removed without mistreating the alpaca fibers.

  • If you hang the wet garment it will lose its original shape, be very careful! Hang or fold only after the alpaca wool is fully dry.

One other point to remember that is very important: Never use an iron directly on your alpaca garments.

✔Additional Tip:     If you want to avoid moths ruining your alpaca products, keep your garment next to a bag with lavender, this will drive them away. It also smells better than moth balls!

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