Top 11 Reasons To Buy Alpaca Scarves

Why You Should Buy A Scarf Made With Alpaca Fibers

Due to the rare qualities contained within the alpaca fiber, they had been reserved by royal families for much of history.

Today, that no longer is the case. It is commonly spun by fiber artists who buy the raw yarn, or work directly with the animal herds daily.

Textile companies buy alpaca yarn, and even raw fiber in bulk, to process for the manufacturer of a number of high quality alpaca garments.

Alpaca fiber can be “harvested” by shaving the animals without harm only once yearly. Adult alpaca produce 50 to 90 pounds of first-quality fiber. As well as 50 to 100 pounds of second and third quality fiber annually.

Below are some of the top reasons for you to buy elegant and exclusive alpaca scarves to add that special flare to your wardrobe:

  1. Alpaca Is Luxurious

    Alpaca wool is one of the most prestigious fabrics known worldwide.

    It is used in major fashion houses worldwide for the production of mens and womens scarves mainly because of its soft comfortable feel, and it’s versatility.

    There are many types of incredible natural fibers, but none as unique and exquisite as the alpaca yarn used in these incredibly luxurious scarves.

  2. Temperature

    Alpaca wool certainly is boss here since it is known as an all weather friendly fiber. Alpaca scarves have tiny air pockets within their fibers.

    Air pockets provide insulation and keep you warm even in the coldest winter conditions.

    These same air pockets account for breathability between your skin and the environment, thus giving you a cool feel in the summer sun.

    A high-quality light alpaca scarf made from baby alpaca can keep you warmer than most heavy pullovers, and more comfortable than most cotton sweatshirts as well.

    Did we mention they are easier to use for those on the go?

  3. Weight

    Another reason for you to buy alpaca scarves is because of its light weight.

    Those same micro air pockets help decrease the weight of mens and womens alpaca scarves, making pure alpaca clothing almost light as air.

    The fiber itself tends to be heavier by gram, but less is used in the manufacturing of these beautiful scarves.

    This is an ideal fiber because of it’s weightlessness and softness, creating a luxurious accessory you can’t help but love.

    You will find yourself lost on those days you are without your favorite scarf! 

  4. Durability And Strength

    Fibers of alpaca yarn are smooth, fine, lightweight and silky. Yet this amazing fiber is remarkably great in strength and very durable.

    Don't be fooled by those cute alpaca faces; these animals survive long, harsh cold winters due to their coat.

    It is not a surprise that alpaca fiber is much more durable than almost any other fiber; such as sheep wool, cashmere, or even silk.

    Though alpaca fibers are fine, lightweight and silky, it has great strength and durability. Making womens scarves that last longer and yet maintain its original new appearance.

    With proper care, alpaca clothing can be an heirloom to be passed down for generations to cherish.

  5. Texture

    Both adult and baby alpaca fiber, have a cosy feel to them. Soft, non-prickly and comforting are the words many use to describe their favorite pieces.

    The feeling of quality alpaca clothing wrapped around you truly feels like pure magic! 

    Alpaca have for thousands of years been surviving high in the mountains. At such altitudes, winters are very cold and harsh. The summer sun burns right through your skin as well. Extremes by an measure. 

    Moreover at such altitudes, you don’t want to be carrying unnecessary weight. Thus giving us the privilege to put on scarves made with fibers that have been properly modified by nature for just this purpose.

    The fiber is warm and round around the edges making it less itchy than standard sheep wool, with a special luxurious feel.

    Alpaca fibers truly are one of nature's best works of art.

  6. Allergies

    With zero lanolin content, alpaca yarn is also naturally hypoallergenic.

    Most people who are uncomfortable wearing wool scarves find that they can wear alpaca products without the itching or irritation they feel from wool. This is because alpaca fiber is smooth around its edges.

    An amazing quality that also makes it wrinkle-resistant, and water repellent, reducing accumulation of odor and dust for those who do a lot of travelling and walking outdoors.

  7. Keep Dry

    Alpaca scarves breathe; making you remain dry and warm as your body temperature changes when you change environments.

    Alpaca clothes are soft and far less itchy than wool and 100% natural, sustainable and hypoallergenic. 

    Scarves made with wool can be heavy, and prick the skin (due to their straight rather than round edges).

    Cotton absorbs moisture and holds it next to the skin, making you cold.

    None of the qualities you want next to your body all day long.

    Adult and baby alpaca does not prick, it is lightweight, wicks moisture away and supports your skin with ease!

  8. Comfortable

    Perfect for just about every situation.

    Alpaca will keep your neck smooth (no itching, sweating or bacteria from dust particles). The perfect fiber for scarves or mufflers; at the office, in the field, or during your favorite activity.

    Alpaca clothing is comfortable no matter the weather as it keeps you warm in winter and sharp in summer.

    Scarves will remain fresh and will not prick because each hair is smooth and unlike sheep wool it doesn’t hold stains, odor or dust particles easily.

  9. Quality And Color

    Alpaca has a diverse quality and color of fibers. The quality of the alpaca fiber depends mostly on environment, and on genetic factors.

    With regard to colors, it is very difficult to establish exactly how many colors can be found in one fiber. There can be 6 different tones or more that coexist within a single fiber.

    Every natural color will commonly have 3 separate tones as well.

    Textile companies have many ways of producing pure colors. Rather than just adding dyes, combining fibers from more than one alpaca gives a variety of incredibly beautiful colors.

    Alpaca yarns can come in 27 plus colors & shades.

    With such variety of shades, alpaca scarves will have multiple tones giving it mixed colors adding to their luxury and uniqueness.

  10. Advantages Over Synthetics

    Alpaca yarns have superior breathability and wick away sweat and water, rather than absorbing it. This is crucial in keeping your body warm and dry.

    The hollow fibers when used in men and womens scarves are warm, and feel almost weightless. Keeping you warm even when wet.

    The fibers are more flame resistant; in that it does not melt to the skin like synthetics can when near open flame.

    Also alpaca fibers are much more stain and odour resistant than synthetics.

  11. Advantages Over Wool

    Alpaca wool is stronger due to containing more hollow fibers, making it warmer with equal weight. Yet typically products need less of the yarn, so your scarves will weigh less overall.

    It is softer, less itchy and irritating to the skin. Plus it is naturally hypoallergenic.

    Both adult and baby alpaca is free from oils such as lanolin (the oily substance produced by mammals making most fur water repellent but flammable) which causes adverse skin reactions in some people (babies especially).

    Alpaca clothing will stay cleaner after long hours of wearing because it is lanolin-free, and it is thermally superior (50 degree varying comfort range vs 30 degree comfort range for wool).

    Alpaca fiber is super strong and resistant. It is more resistant than sheep wool and much warmer and does not lose this resistance over time.

Alpaca yarn truly is the “Fiber Of The Gods”.

As you can probably imagine, well woven alpaca yarn produces a luster that is not easily replicated. This natural luster gives it a beautiful look unmatched by other fabrics. 

You can feel cozy, yet exquisite, making alpaca scarves a must have.

Experience a unique fiber which is superior to both wool and silk for your next fashion accessory.

Buy An Alpaca Scarf Today!