Top 9 Benefits Of Peruvian Highland & Merino Wool

Peruvian Highland & Merino Wools are famous for their softness, naturally strong and beautiful fibers. It is regularly used in making of the handmade wool shawls, wool scarves, wool socks and wool ponchos as well as wool capes.

These products are always used in high end fashion, and they are focused on being hand knit from the finest Peruvian Highland wool or Merino wool.

The reasons for rarely dying these yarns are simple; the men’s and women’s clothing that is hand knit from their yarn will outlive most of us, and will still look completely new and exquisite.

Peruvian Highland wool and Merino wool are truly the wonders that modern fabric must compete with.

Here are just nine of the great benefits of Peruvian Highland & Merino wool that we have witnessed over the years.

  1. Softness

    Yes, the first and foremost benefit of using this wool is its infamous and almost unbelievable softness. You touch the cloth and it goes deep into your pores while feeling completely weightless and silky yet lighter than air.

    We are not making this up, try yourself; go to a good wool clothing store and you will see. An entire wool poncho will be virtually weightless and it will sit on your skin like a soft silky thread that makes you comfortable and warm.

  2. Warmth

    This lighter than air fabric will lock the air in its threads like nothing else. The entire fabric is weightless but it can truly fight the minus degrees cold that strikes many areas of the world every year.

    It will make you instantaneously warm and cozy, and will not have any itchy or usually rough feel like that of regular wool. The fabric is incredibly soft and makes you completely and thoroughly warm.

  3. Temperature Control

    Believe it or not, it will not make you warmer then you want to be either. This product has a tendency to stop retaining air when your body heats up after a certain point. Then it releases the air and cools down so that your body temperature will cool down as well.

    It is oddly breathable, and makes you cool and comfortable while retaining the warmth to still keep you cozy. In many place like Peru, the people will where their Highland wools all day long. Even in the nearly unbearable sun due to these amazing qualities.

  4. Moisture Absorption

    It can withstand rain or any other reason that the fabric becomes damp. Usually wool becomes heavy and completely useless after coming in contact with water.

    Merino or Peruvian Highland wool can withstand about thirty percent of water retention, and will still remain warm and comfortable without making you wet. The fibers of the cloth has a tendency to keep the water within the layers of the thread without making it a problem of the wearer.

  5. Odor Resistance

    If you use your wool poncho or wool capes for a whole day, and especially your wool socks, then you will need a wool fabric that will repel odor. Peruvian Highland or Merino wool is the perfect for just that purpose.

    Even hand knit yarn wool socks will dispel smell after coming in contact with open air as it kind of evaporates the residue without letting it settle in the thread. This is the simple trick that makes this wool incredibly useful for long outdoor work. Also, you will not have to wash it all the time, and washing over and over is not good for any kind of wool!

  6. Washable

    Even though most wool is not good for washing regularly, Merino wool and Peruvian Highland Wool is good for washing and can even be washed in the machine depending on depending on design, and following the instructions on the tag. However, Highland & Merino Wools will not need to be washed that frequently because it repels smell, bacteria, and even regular stains. It does not shrink or pile easily like all other usual wool fabrics either.

  7. Shape Retention

    Unlike all other wool products, Peruvian Highland & Merino Wools keeps their shape for a much longer time because the fiber of their clothing is elastic, and comes back to its original shape after being stretched. Meaning the wearing and washing and drying will all be bearable for the Highland & Merino wool fabrics.

    You do not have to worry about the wool losing its shape. It will outlive all of your other clothes in shape retention, however, ALWAYS carefully follow the written instructions for any garment you own for the best results.

  8. UV Protection

    This wool fabric protects the wearer from ultra violet rays of the sun. The fiber traps light and filters out ultraviolet rays of the sun upon contact. This makes it a great product for people who have sensitive skin and need to wear sunscreen when going out. The fiber is cool and has a way of maintaining your body temperature, it can be used as a skin protector on an unusually harsh and sunny day.

  9. All- Rounder

    The most common advice that one hears about using wool is that you have to wear it on alternate days. Do not wear wool products every day over and over again, because the wool cannot withstand this much exposure. You are right; except if you are wearing Highland Peruvian Wool or Merino wool.

    You can wear your hand knit wool ponchos, wool socks, wool scarves and wool capes as a uniform if you like and we can assure you that it will withstand all the wear and tear without any problems whatsoever. This is because the type of wool is highly tensile and does not break when under pressure.

These types of wool products look like lavish spending in the eyes of many people, but the truth is most people need sturdy wool products that will stay with them for many years. You can buy a usual wool scarf and see it fall apart in a month. In case of wool socks, it may be sooner!

You can buy a wool poncho or scarf that is handmade or hand knit using Peruvian HIghland or Merino wool and see it outlast most of your wardrobe.

These products are strong and they can withstand any and all problems. That is why we are such big fans of this yarn, and have decided to build a business around these type of amazing products. We want you to enjoy the real potential and use of these amazing products.

Highland Peruvian wool and Merino wool are the best you can buy. Try yourself.

Here at Terra Blossom, we promise you won’t be disappointed!