Caring For Alpaca Clothing & Products

How To Care For Your Products Made With Alpaca Yarns, Fibers & Wools

There are many reasons you should choose alpaca. Alpaca clothing can be very easy to take care of because of the fiber’s unique characteristic to repel water, and most spills can easily be blotted up. Alpaca fiber is also known to decreases static electricity, because it resists dust and other soil particles.

Below, you will find some important tips to make sure any alpaca clothing or garment you own will last longer while maintaining its amazing quality!

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  • Due to their elasticity and resilience, it is advisable that alpaca clothing be kept flat for about a day after wearing it. This will allow the garment to shed wrinkles, thereby helping it to return to its original shape.
  • Alpaca garments should be stored in a well ventilated closet (they need to breathe).
  • Before you store the garments, empty the pockets, and remove belts or other items.
  • You can use hangers for alpaca ponchos, dresses and other types of alpaca clothing to avoid
  • twisting. Heavier alpaca sweaters and other items should be loosely folded.
  • Store your item in a wardrobe or closet only when fully dry.
  • Brush alpaca clothing to quickly remove dirt. This will help revive the nap. This is vital for heavier alpaca fabrics. Using a damp sponge for finer fabrics like those made with baby alpaca is preferable.
  • Remove wrinkles from your garment by hanging it in a steamy bathroom briefly. Do Not Iron.
  • Read the label instructions for special care such as “dry cleaning” or hand washing” but never put in water beyond 25℃ (85ºF).

In those cases where you need to take your alpaca garments to the dry cleaner, ensure you point out the stains and parts of your fabrics made with alpaca. 

This will help the dry cleaner concentrate on the stained areas while taking care of the alpaca fibers while washing them.

Many garments made with alpaca fibers are manufactured such that hand washing can be avoided, but make sure you always check the instructions.

At Terra Blossom we suggest to always hand wash any item made with alpaca fibers to enjoy the most life possible.

It is generally prohibited to use hot water, and never use chlorine bleach. This will damage your beautiful garment.

Rather it is advisable to use cold water coupled with a small quantity of all liquid baby shampoo or an all natural shampoo.

The following will help you when you need to hand wash your alpaca clothing and garments:

Care & Cleaning For You Elegant & Soft Mens & Womens Alpaca Scarves

  • Be sure to fill the sink with cold water coupled with mild liquid shampoo, in accordance to the directions on the bottle. Never use bleach or harsh chemicals.
  • Always soak for about 3 to 5 minutes and gently squeeze foam from the garment. It is not advisable to scrub hard, wring or twist the alpaca yarn. Wash gently and not vigorously.
  • Make sure you properly rinse the garment two times in cold water to remove all the foam & soap.
  • Carefully press out all excess water.
  • Place the piece of alpaca clothing or other garments in the middle of two towels, roll up the towels and enable it to rest for a few minutes.
  • Arrange the clothing in a towel and stretch it to its original design as necessary. Be careful not to over do it.
  • Never dry in direct sunlight or heat. Do not machine dry.
  • Rotate your towels as required to allow both sides dry properly.

Last but not least, avoid ironing. First use steam from a shower to work out any wrinkles.

In extreme cases where you need to iron alpaca fibers, avoid pressing hard and always use a press cloth/towel to protect your garment.