Why Buy Alpaca Clothing

Why Buy Alpaca Clothing

Benefits Of Buying Products Made With Alpaca Fibers? 

Alpaca refers to the tamed and domesticated species of the South American camel. In the textile industry, it primarily refers to the fur of Peruvian alpacas being used for the production of wool and quality fabric. It’s fabric can be light or heavy in weight depending on how it is spun. Alpaca wool is a soft, durable, luxurious and a silky natural fiber.

While similar and even confused most at times to sheep's wool, it is warmer, much more comfy, lightweight, has no lanolin (making it generally easier to produce) and water resistant. The lack of lanolin makes it mildly allergic compared to the fur of any other mammal.

Fibers made from the alpaca occur naturally in more than 22 shades spanning from black to white. Moreover, it naturally regulates temperature, wicks away moisture, deters dust mites and it is eco-friendly.

Some Alpaca products include: blankets, capes and wraps, alpaca gloves, hats, home decor (blinds), jackets and coats. There are even pet products, purses, alpaca scarves, socks, stockings, sweaters, alpaca shirts, teddy bears, alpaca throws, vests and alpaca yarn.

Alpaca tends to be hypoallergenic. Many people cannot wear wool clothing because of the allergic reaction it causes. This makes alpaca a more suitable and convenient cloth fiber for anyone with allergies, since it tends to have a low prickle factor making it possible for most people to wear it next to their skin without irritations or itching.

Alpaca Yarn Made With Real Alpaca Fibers

Additionally, it’s fiber is more flame resistant than synthetic plant fibers making it an essential ingredient in the production of clothes for firefighters, as it does not melt to the skin when overheated. Generally clothing made from apaca are much more durable, with many people boasting about their alpaca sweaters lasting for more than three decades, and claiming it still looks new. Most of the fibers themselves are always in very good condition even after heavy use for years.

Alpaca comes in 22 pretty, natural colors spanning from immaculate white to true black giving a full range of greys. For those who want cloths with other colors, alpaca fibers perfectly accepts dye readily.

Alpaca fleece grows longer and faster than that of a camel. The rarity of alpaca is its only limitation. The world produces less alpaca fiber than almost any other fiber type, thus making it a perfect, exclusive, and one of the most wanted fibers in the world.

This fiber is often referred to as The Fiber of the Gods. Garments made from this luxurious fiber were once reserved only to be worn by Inca royalty. Death was often the price paid by non-royalty who dared to wear garments made from this valued fiber.

Today Alpaca yarn is still held in high regard and value because of its special characteristics. Classically styled alpaca sweaters and suits last for generations. This fiber is made up of tiny air spaces. So no matter how light weight your garment is; it will always keep you warm. The cellular structure is what gives this fiber its softness as well.

For those who live in cold climates, participate in sports such as ice climbing at high altitudes in the freezing cold for example, the alpaca is more preferable because it has higher thermal capacity in its fiber than other animals.

One of the most prized possessions of anyone living in cold and wet climates are alpaca socks due to wicking moisture, remaining smell free for longer than synthetic socks and always keeping the wearer’s feet warm. Many people even say they will never use another synthetic sock again, once they have had the pleasure of owning a pair of alpaca wool socks.

There are many characteristics that affect the value of alpaca fiber. These can include: fineness, color, crimp and staple length. These can be developed either by heredity, the environment or both. The fiber’s fineness is what it’s really all about. Fineness is the most prominent measurement used in determining value.Though there really are no bad attributes associated with alpaca fleece.

God truly designed the ideal fiber for use by mankind and then placed it on the gentle alpaca. As if all of these qualities are not enough, it is unusually strong and resilient. Most importantly the strength of the fiber does not diminish as it becomes finer.

Baby alpaca fibers have many special properties which make it ideal for production as well. Baby alpaca socks, caps, shoes, rompers and many other products too. It is preferable for use in children's undergarments because of it’s hypoallergenic properties as well.

Like other natural fibers, it acts as a great insulator making it perfect for babies. Only even better. It is warm as the hollow fibers keep the warm air in. More so than nearly any other natural fiber. It’s these amazing qualities that make it valuable, and sought after from top fashion houses from around the world. Alpaca clothing grows in popularity every year.

It can also be known as curia fleece (coming from the baby alpaca’s first coat), which is even more valuable because of its light shine and fineness of this first shearing. Baby alpaca fiber is also extremely durable. The second strongest natural fiber to silk. Yet it is always extremely soft to touch like the softness of cashmere. You really can’t go wrong with any type of clothing made with alpaca yarn or fiber.

Alpaca clothing is exceptionally lightweight, yet has an undeniably high quality feel to it. There is no need for heavy, bulky products to be added when using baby alpaca fiber. You will still find warmth in the lightest of garments.

Alpaca garments for babies are extra soft and comfy for cuddles, crawling and perfect for every adventure. Alpaca makes cute and cozy baby rompers great for playtime too!

Blankets made with baby alpaca are also a great way to enjoy this amazing fiber. One of the best in fact. They will be some of the softest blankets you will ever have the pleasure to sleep with. They are made using the same silky alpaca wool that’s warm to the touch. In cold cultures, it is known as a fine and elegant material because of its amazing softness and warmth.

Nothing is as comfortable as cuddling up in a comfy alpaca blanket on a cold night. The blankets made from it are great for camping, as they can be washed on multiple occasions without it losing its quality and thickness. Also due to its non-allergenic composition, alpaca blankets are suitable for both infants and adults.

Mens And Womens Alpaca Scarves

You will definitely love a high-quality
alpaca scarf as well.

Whether it is for the cold mornings or evenings, going to play in the snow or just to look cool and fashionable.

Alpaca Scarves Are A Real Hit!

Add a pair of beautiful handmade alpaca gloves for extra warmth and fashion during colder times. Whether flip back or fingerless, our hand stitched alpaca gloves are perfect for cool to cold weather.

You will love the softness and elegance of alpaca wool gloves. They are exceptionally warm, but lightweight making them convenient no matter the reason you wear them. Gloves made from alpaca yarn will keep you warm during a wide range of activities during the fall and winter seasons.

Women love comfort, fashion, soft and elegant materials; and alpaca fiber is one of the best way to incorporate all of these qualities into a woman’s wardrobe.

One fast way to dress up any outfit is by putting on a variety of pretty alpaca scarves.

They are soft, comfortable, highly demanded with respect to fashion and keep you warm in cold winter days. Let’s not forget that women’s scarves can present you with a much more cozy love life. Especially as your partner appreciates the comfort of your alpaca scarf whenever he or she gets close to snuggle!

Fiber arts are fast becoming an international pastime once again as well. The art of knitting, crochet and spinning is again finding its way into homes across the America's.

Alpaca fibers can be spun into any weight yarn desired. It can be blended with other fibers to make it even more versatile. This makes alpaca yarn a great gift for the crafty person in your life.

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